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Servicios turisticos para personas con dicapacidad en el sur-este Asiatico.

Tourist services for disabled tourists in South East Asia
The accessibility in Asia and especially in South East Asia is very different from one Country to another.

Some Countries like Thailand, Singapore, China and partially Malaysia have services which can be compared with similar services in Western Countries: they have barrier free hotels with some fully equipped rooms for disabled guests (with roll in shower and accessible toilette), transports by accessible vans with power lift or ramps.
Other Countries have a much more difficult and less accessible situation.

Usually accessible hotels with wide and accessible rooms and barriers free are available in all the Countries but the vehicles accessibility could be much less than expected.
In Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos we are used to help our guests by using manual foldable ramps, adjusted properly for different types of wheelchairs. These ramps can support up to approx. 200 kgs and by using the ramp people using a wheelchair can enter the vehicles (Usually Ford Transit, Mercedes or Toyota vans) where the last 2 rows are taken off to make enough room inside for up to 2 wheelchairs.
Totally the vans can accommodate up to 4/5 seated people plus 1 or 2 wheelchairs, plus some luggage.
Some of the seats will be used by the helpers, one per each wheelchair passenger, and the helper will help the travellers during the visits and the sightseeing.
Some time our helpers will use the van ramp to overpass the architectural barriers.

In other Countries, like Myanmar and Indonesia, the only possible transport will be by car with driver so these Countries are suggested to those disabled travelers using a manual and foldable wheelchair and who can move from their wheelchair to the car seats.

Ph.: + 65 91934884
Skype: mmmax14

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