Accessible Tourism 4all in SPAIN


This internet site is specialized on adapted/ accessible tourism and leisure for people with disabilities,people who are in wheelchairs, elderly people or people who have their mobility temporaly reduced.

But if you are not aged or you dont  go in a wheelchair … is also for you.

This website in ENGLISH

More and more places, touristic services and leisure in Spain do their best to improve their accessibility for all (people with mobility, vision or hearing, seniors, families with pushchairs, people affected by temporary circumstances) and we want you know them.

  • Accessible Travel and leisure News, specially in SPAIN.
  • You can follow us on Social Networks
  • All Information About Travel and accessible Leisure mainly in Spain
  • All establishments and places in this site are wheelchairaccessible. If not we indicate the kind of adaptation.
  • Note that the establishments and places included on this site are accessible for people who are in wheelchairs and tehy  are more comfortable for seniors, children and all people in general ..


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