South Africa| Kruger National Park | 8Day Tour by Accessible 4 wheels truck

Transports by accessible Mercedes Mercedes Benz 1617 truck, especially adapted by qualified mechanical engineers for Wheelchair (disabled) passengers to travel in total safety and comfort.
The passenger compartment has been purpose built, with elevated factory-constructed seats with seat belts, for the important all-round views. There is a hydraulic passenger lift with remote control, powered by 24V batteries / 220V mains plus a hand pump as a back up system. The facility of removable seats also gives you space and maneuverability inside the passenger compartment to enhance your game viewing.
The wheelchairs are secured by means of factory built, quick release tie-downs to ensure safety whilst the vehicle is in motion. These tie-downs are bolted and welded to the framework of the truck body enhancing the all-round safety aspects.

Communication is via a cab / passenger compartment integrated system between the driver and clients.

Accomodations and meals
A range of fully equipped accommodation is used, consisting of tented camps, bungalows and cottages in main and private camps.
The tented camps have public accessible bath and toilet facilities, and the bungalows and cottages have their own ablutions with a shower or bath.
We provides a range of 3 wholesome meals a day  |  +39 011 301 888 |



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