Mejores festividades del mundo en Junio


Las fiestas o festivales son una forma de vivir las culturas y tradiciones en un mundo cada vez más globalizado. No hay un lugar mejor para los viajeros de entender un país que en un evento donde se celebra con orgullo su individualidad, ya sea a través de la música, las carreras de camellos o peleas monumentales con alimentos.

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Algunas de las  fiestas más importantes en JUNIO son las siguientes.

En España destacan la fiesta del Colacho en Burgos, el Sónar de Barcelona y la Batalla del Vino en Haro (LaRioja). Otros eventos en Junio

Festivales del mundo

Duanwu Jié (Dragon Boat Festival)

Duanwu Jié china

Location: Húnán province, China
Date: fifth day of the fifth lunar month
During the Dragon Boat Festival, China’s rivers fill with colourful crafts decked out to look like dragons, from fearsome snout to scaly tail. The boat races are a lot of fun but the festival’s roots lie in tragedy. Read more. | China Accesible

El Colacho (Baby-jumping Festival)

colacho burgos

Location: Castrillo de Murcia, Burgos, Spain
Date: Sunday following Corpus Christi
Grown men dress up in red and yellow costumes and leap over babies. The little-known ritual has taken place in the equally obscure province of Castilla y León in northwest Spain since 1620. The idea behind El Colacho is that the jumpers, with their devil costumes, whips and truncheons, are personifications of diabolical evil. When they leap, evil follows them and the babies’ souls are cleansed. Read more. |

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Isle of Wight Festival

Isle of Wight Festival

Location: Seaclose Park, Newport, Isle of Wight, England
Dates: 21-24 June
The music event on one of Britain’s best-known satellites has had a patchy history. In 1968, the only major act on the first bill was Jefferson Airplane (of ‘White Rabbit’ fame), who played to a crowd of 10,000 on a stage made of two trailers. There was a large open sewer. In 1969 the audience swelled to 150,000, drawn by one Bob Dylan. Read more. |

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Lajkonik Festival

Location: Rynek Glówny, Krakow, Poland
Date: Thursday after Corpus Christi
According to Polish legend, when the head of Krakow’s defensive raftsmen defeated a Tatar marauder in the 13th century, he slipped into the Mongolian’s robes and triumphantly rode into the city. Read more. | Polonia Accesible

The Dreaming

Location: Woodford, Queensland, Australia
Dates: 8-11 June. The festival will not be held in 2012 due to insufficient funding.
Australia’s first international indigenous festival is but a nipper compared with its 20-year-old sibling, Woodford Folk Festival, but has become one of Queensland’s cultural highlights. For starters, the location could have been made to order: a secluded valley in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with views of the spindly volcanic plugs known as the Glass House Mountains. Read more. | Australia Accesible

Feast of St Anthony

san antonio portugal

Location: Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal
Dates: 12-14 June
On the feast day of St Anthony, patron saint of Lisbon, the Portugese capital goes sardine crazy. The winding streets and steep staircases in Alfama, the city’s oldest quarter, fill with the smell of sardines being grilled outside little houses and restaurants. Read more. | Portugal Accesible


sonar barcelona

Location: Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Spain
Dates: 14-16 June
Billing itself as a festival of progressive music and multimedia arts, Sónar began in 1993 as a hobnobbing opportunity for the music industry and now attracts 80,000 electronica lovers. The cutting-edge festival is an appropriate excuse to visit Barcelona, where Gaudí built psychedelic buildings in the early 1900s and the Spanish Civil War inspired great literary accounts. Read more. |

Barcelona Accesible

Riding of the Marches

Riding of the Marches

Location: Scottish Borders, Scotland
Dates: from early June
The Riding of the Marches, or Common Riding, takes place throughout the summer in major Scottish Borders towns. Like many Scottish festivals, it has ancient traditions, dating back to the Middle Ages, when riders would be sent to the town boundary to check on the common lands. In those dark days of brigands, rogues and highwaymen, the young riders faced many perils including clashes with incursive neighbouring settlements. Read more. |

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Summer Solstice

travelxperience UK

Location: Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England
Date: 21 June
Summer solstice is a subject of much controversy. Having inspired ancient druids to perform rituals at stone circles and Burning Man founder Larry Harvey to incinerate an effigy, its very name causes discord. The solar event, when the sun is directly above the northern hemisphere, indicates that hemisphere’s midsummer. However, because the same moment is midwinter in the southern hemisphere, it could more neutrally be called the northern solstice. Read more. | UK Accesible

Regatta of St Ranieri


Location: Palazzo Medici, Pisa, Italy
Date: 17 June
Venice may be famous for its gondolas, but across the country, Pisa stages this 1500m dash up the River Arno, a tradition dating to the 1290s. The four narrow rowboats, differently coloured to represent the city’s four districts, each contain a steersman, a climber, and eight oarsmen struggling against the current. Read more. | Italia Accesible

Pride Week

Location: New York, USA
Dates: 17-24 June
The world’s LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) communities party in the streets around 27 June, the date in 1969 when police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York’s West Village. The ensuing Stonewall riots lasted several days and are considered to be the beginning of the modern gay-rights movement. Read more. | USA Accesible


Location: Dublin, Ireland
Date: 16 June
In order to create the critical distance required to write about Dublin, the great Irish scribe James Joyce went into self-imposed exile. In contrast, the biggest decision Bloomsday’s Joyce-loving participants face is which pub to visit next. Read more. | Irlanda Accesible

Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun)

Location: Sacsayhuamán, Cuzco, Peru
Date: 24 June
Oft parodied by popular culture, for example the Tintin book Prisoners of the Sun, this Peruvian paean to the sun god, Inti, used to involve mass sacrifice. Llamas got the chop in the gory ritual, which was also dedicated to Pachmama, Inti’s wife and the goddess of fertility and harvests. Read more. | Peru Accesible

Batalla del Vino (Battle of the Wines)


Location: Biliblio, Haro, La Rioja, Spain
Date: 29 June
La fiesta más famosa de la ciudad Haro se celebra el día de San Pedro, 29 de junio, declarada de interés turístico, durante la cual, y en los riscos de Bilibio, se celebra laBatalla del Vino, que ya menciona Hergueta en su libro editado en 1906, y que mantiene los mismos actos que a principios de siglo. Mas info |

La Rioja Accesible

Glastonbury Festival

Location: Worthy Farm, Pilton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England
Dates: Last weekend in June. The 2012 festival has been cancelled but music fans are already planning for 2013.
The colossal summer knees-up in King Arthur country is the world’s biggest and best music festival. It’s like Woodstock, except it takes place pretty much every year. The list of performers who have rocked the venue’s muddy fields reads like a who’s who of popular music: Dylan, Bowie, Oasis, Blur, Massive Attack, Orbital, Björk, Radiohead, The Cure. Read more. |

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Need more festivals? Here’s a list of further events in June:

Dano Festival (Gangneung, Korea; fifth day of the fifth lunar month). This shamanist festival has the air of a medieval fair, with carnival acts, mask dramas, folk operas, farmers’ bands and wrestling.

Patum (Berga, Spain; Corpus Christi). Fire demons, mule dragons and other allegorical characters parade through town to the beat of tabal drums.

Sunrise Celebration (Yeovil, Somerset, England; 29 May–1 June) A sustainable festival in England’s rural West Country where the entertainment organically develops among the tents

World Of Beer (Montréal, Canada; first weekend in June) Try beer from almost 100 breweries, and Québecois cider.

Ichtus Festival (Wilmore, USA; end of the second week in June) America’s original and longest running Christian music festival attracts some 20,000 visitors to the Bluegrass State for a long weekend of music and ministry.

Gawai Dayak (Sarawak, Borneo; early June) Held in the tribal longhouses of Malaysian Borneo, this harvest celebration and Borak-fuelled family reunion starts at the beginning of the month and unofficially continues until mid-June.

Sacred Music Festival (Fes, Morocco; 10 days ending on the second weekend in june) Performers of spiritual music, including Sufichants, add to the atmosphere in Fes’ medieval medina.

Juneteenth (Galveston, USA; 19 June) Celebrating the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas, Afro-Americans hit the parks for parades, prayer, barbecued pork, sweet potato pie and Big Red soda.

International Dragon Boat Championships (Stanley Harbour, Hong Kong; 19 June) Similar to Duanwu Jié, this world-famous dragon boat race sees more than 100 hopeful teams splash across Stanley Harbour.

White Nights (St Petersburg, Russia; 11 June-2 July). Russia’s second city is so far north that it has 24-hour daylight at midsummer, and celebrates with concerts, fireworks, nocturnal promenading and late-opening bars.

Boi Bumba (Parintins, Brazil; last weekend in June) On an Amazonian island, headdress-wearing dancers tell the story of the Boi (ox).

Festival of John the Baptist (Québec City, Canada; 23 June) (in French). Celebrating Québec’s distinct culture, this statewide party is loudest in the capital.

Game of the Bridge (Pisa, Italy; last Sunday in June). Two teams try to push a seven-tonne wooden trolley to the opposite side of a bridge.

Festa Do São João (Porto, Portugal; 23–24 June). Porto’s denizens celebrate St John’s Day by bonking each other on the head with squeaky hammers and racing wooden boats.

See festivals in other months of the year here.

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