New city guide with accessible routes through Amsterdam


A new city guide with 5 accessible routes through Amsterdam has been developed byAccessible Travel Netherlands in close cooperation with the Dutch design company Field Factors. The 5 short accessible routes lead past barrier free restaurants, museums and sights of interest. All venues along the route are accessible for people with limited mobility. Additionally, the city guides provides accessibility information about public transport and shopping streets.

The city guide is available as online and printed version in English and Dutch. People that have booked their trip to Amsterdam with Accessible Travel Netherlands will receive the online city guide. Other visitors to Amsterdam can pick up a printed version from Starbikes Rental in Amsterdam, a bike rental where special bikes and wheelchairs are available for hire. The online version can be downloaded from the website.

The city guide was realized with support from Starbikes Rental, Amsterdam Marketing, Province Noord-Holland and Nationale Vereniging de Zonnebloem. | @AccessTravelNL


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