Buceo accesible en Sudáfrica

Scuba diving is now possible for people living with a disability. Another great victory has been achieved, removing yet another obstacle that hinders people from living a life of enjoyment and absolute freedom.

In February 2010 a group of seven people with disabilities embarked on a life changing journey when they successfully completed their HSA training and were certified to scuba dive. Their successful training gave birth to Amaglubglub. HSA, Handicapped Scuba Association, open water training standards employ a high margin of safety, ideally suited for people with disabilities.

In March 2010 the Amaglubglub Scuba Club displayed their skills to the diving community at Miracle Waters. Almost 300 able-bodied divers were totally amazed to see people with disabilities scuba diving. Astonishment and shock gave way to respect and cameraderie.
Lolo Molipa & Koos Pieterse

We initially started out as being individuals: either as instructors, students or helpers. A passion was realised – emotions were shared and willpower, bravery, courage, commitment and trust sealed our unity. By the time we had completed this project we had become family. The Amaglubglub family was born.

We have such an overbearing desire to grow the Amaglubglub family and extend this hearty invitation to you.

Come learn to scuba dive and experience the excitement of a life of fullness, a life of freedom, fun and satisfaction in a great adventurous manner.

A word of warning – scuba diving is addictive. - 0027 (0)16 371-1451

27 School Street, Deneysville, 1932., South Africa

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